Start A HELP Group

A HELP Group is where people come together regularly to study and practice The HELP Process. On average, each group has ten members, and all HELP Groups are autonomous. Anyone from any background can become a member of the group. As a member of a HELP Group, you are also a part of My HELP Network, which is an extended family of humanity.

How will you benefit from being in a HELP Group?

  • Make connections and develop new skills.
  • Share ideas, information and resources.
  • Reduce stress, worry, anxiety and depression.
  • Increases happiness, progress and prosperity.
  • Get support in times of adversity.
  • Gives a sense of belonging to a family.
  • Develop health, home, family and work life.
  • Conduct HELP Seminars in your community.

Anyone, anywhere around the world, can create a HELP Group and radically change their lives and community. The wonderful thing is you do not have to have money, education or material wealth to create a HELP Group.

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