What is The HELP Process?

The HELP Process is composed of three simple words – Help Each Other. These three words work together as a process that enables us to meet our needs and create amazing realities.

The HELP Process is so simple, that everyone can understand and use it; so practical it can be applied in vast and varied applications. Let us apply The HELP Process and see what it can do for each one of us and our world.

The HELP Process generates love.

One of the most wanted things in our lives is love. The moment we help-each-other we feel love in our hearts. The HELP Process enables you to create love. Love is made, love takes place, and love is generated when we help-each-other.

The HELP Process brings harmony.

Helping each other is like washing our hands. When you wash your hands the left and right hand help each other in harmony. In this way, helping each other brings harmony to our relationships, between races, nations and religions to unite us under one banner of love.

The HELP Process produces synergy.

When people help each other, it produces synergy, the driving force of collective action. The HELP Process is the practical and methodical creation of synergy leading to extraordinary creativity, performance, and productivity at every level of the organization.

The HELP Process promotes prosperity.

Name any need and the only way to fulfil it is by giving and receiving help. The HELP Process enables us to meet the needs of our Home, Health, Family and Work. So the more we help each other, the more we shall meet our needs and prosper in every aspect of our lives.

The HELP Process is a solution for global transformation.

Choose any kind of suffering, from hunger and homelessness, pandemic diseases to ecological disaster and Help-Each-Other is the solution. The HELP Process is a global solution to overcome every crisis and challenge on the personal and planetary levels to create a new world.

Imagine what kind of a world we can create if The HELP Process was used in our homes? If it was taught in schools, colleges, prisons, and applied at work and in government?

The HELP Process is an educational method which is taught and applied in seven modules.

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