Founder’s Story

I was born at dawn on Coco Beach, Oyster Bay near Dar-es-salaam, on the east coast of Africa. At age seven, I began to have a reoccurring daydream of all races joining hands around the earth. By the time I was twelve, the dream revealed a message for humanity: ‘Help Each Other’..

My angry, abusive father, tried to beat the dream out of me. My loving mother encouraged me to believe in my dream and share my message. When we went on trips to India to visit my Grandmother, she told me stories of Mahatma Gandhi which inspired me to live a life of service.

In 1966, a violent revolution erupted in Tanzania, and the following year my family fled to England. When I was thirteen, my mother died of cancer and my father threw me out of the house. Longing to be heard, the dream inspired me to share the message. However, even the thought of sharing this message with humanity was so overwhelming, I could not breathe.

One thing kept coming into my mind, is a Sanskrit saying that my mother used to recite: “Drop by drop lakes are filled.” This moved me to begin by standing outside Leicester Railway Station with a sign ‘Help Each Other.’ Then I did odd jobs to buy chalk sticks and at night, I walked from place to place writing, ‘Help Each Other’ on the sidewalks. As I walked, the left foot signified faith and right foot courage. I called them The Sacred Steps.

On bitterly cold days, I sought refuge at the small local library. Julia, the librarian, asked me, “Do you like to read?” I didn’t answer. She read me like a book and offered to teach me every evening after the library closed. For three years, she taught me to read and write and thanks to Julia, I have written books and the screenplay for a World Changing Dream film.

While I was homeless, I would contemplate on the basic needs of my life. This led me to discover four foundations: Health, Home, Family and Work. Known today as the Pan-Life Foundations, they sustain all human beings and all life forms. However, after four years of living rough, I fell very ill with a throat infection and desperately needed a home.

I went to a monastery and asked the Abbot if I could become a monk? But he said no. Hence, I joined the Royal Marines and was posted to Condor Commando Base in Scotland. The Marines became my family and they nicknamed me “Monk” because I meditated and lived like a monk.

At Condor Commando Base, I was trained by Sergeant Des Wassall, and excelled to join the elite Reconnaissance Troop. Des was awarded the Military Cross in The Falklands War. He became the Corp Regimental Sergeant Major and received an M.B.E from Queen Elizabeth II. For over three decades, Des was my confidant and in 2016, he passed away. Thanks to Des, I developed the capacity to take on impossible missions, going the distance to diffuse my message.

In my mid-twenties, while meditating on a remote beach, I realized that the inter-action of Help-Each-Other is a process that creates; love, unity, synergy, harmony, and prosperity. I called it The HELP Process. Then, I had a vision: To gift The HELP Process to every person in every nation. So, I resigned from the Marines and worked as a high-level bodyguard to earn the money to teach The HELP Process free of charge.

I combined The HELP Process with The Pan-life Foundations and taught people to help each other to meet the needs of their health, home, family and work. Then, suddenly, it occurred to me that all life forms are moved by four pathways: Being, Knowing, Relating and Creating. I called them The Pan Pathways because they create-connect everything in creation. Since then, I have taught the Pan-Life Awareness, which will enable our species to consciously evolve from Human to Pan Human.

In 1988, I established The PAN Academy in Bavaria, Germany, which became wildly successful. However, the constant traveling, teaching, and bodyguard work led me to burn-out. After the centre closed, I reflected on the way I wanted to share my message. I did not want to be a leader or guru, nor did I want gain, glory or fame. I wanted to give my message in a quiet, unseen way, like the firefly that lights up the night.

Then in 1992, while sitting quietly, I became aware that The HELP Process is a universal solution for global renewal: Helping each other is the way we will overcome every crisis and challenge on the personal and planetary levels to create peace and ease–Pan Paradise on Earth. This was followed by the vision to write The HELP Book and distribute it worldwide.

However, I faced two major challenges: First, I had no idea how to write a book. So, I taped the content and my friend Vaughan, typed it out. Second, I needed money to print and gift the book. My buddy Harry, a former Royal Marines Commando and SAS Trooper, got me a high-paid bodyguard job to protect Loel Patrick Guinness.

The first edition of The HELP Book was published in 1995 and endorsed by the late Eileen Caddy; “I hope The HELP Book will help many, many people in the times ahead.” Eileen Caddy was an author, co-founder of The Findhorn Foundation and received an MBE from Queen Elizabeth II.

In 1999, the second edition was sent to many prominent people including author and visionary Dr. Deepak Chopra. Dr. Chopra invited me to meet him while he was teaching at Oxford University. During our meeting, he told me that my message was much needed in our world.

One of my desires has been to build an ecologically sustainable city called Angelica based on co-operation, rather than competition. Angelica City would be founded on a simple credo: ‘I live to help and love.’ As I was researching the location for the city, my friend Dominic introduced me to an Australian woman. Deeply in love, and with hopes of having a family, I sold my home in London and we emigrated to settle in Australia.

In 2003, I took a leap of faith and bought five thousand acres of pristine wilderness in Queensland, Australia. However, different priorities caused friction and the challenges of such a large-scale project, took its toll on our relationship. Our separation forced the sale of the land and the project was abandoned.

I let go of the land. But kept my faith in God that one-day Angelica City will manifest. Faithfulness to God has brought me out the darkest places, opened doors when there appeared to be no hope or a way forward and blessed me with immeasurable grace.

For the next four years, I lived in the outback, quietly contemplating on the nature and future of the dream. I became aware that the dream is a self-propelled, self-determined, and self-sustained Divine entity that has come to unite humanity under one banner of love. The world changing dream is set in perpetual motion, and every time you and I help each other, we feel love which creates peace and ease – Pan Paradise on Earth.

Then, out of the blue, I received an invitation to give a series of seminars in America. While teaching at Hachland Hill Vineyard corporate retreat in Nashville, my dear friend Phila Hach introduced me to Angel, a kind, effervescent woman. Since 2010, Angel has worked with me and in 2016 she established My HELP Network Foundation educational charity.

The third edition of The HELP Book is published. Our vision is to make the World Changing Dream film and conduct the Pan Global HELP Education program free of charge. But is this phenomenal challenge really possible? Yes! When people help each other, the impossible becomes possible.

Over fifty years ago, I dreamt a world changing dream. My goal was never the dream itself, but to be the giver of the dream. I have given my teachings free of charge because: All universal truths are a gift from the Universe-God for every person in every nation.

As I reflect on my life, I feel deeply grateful, because it is with the help of many people that I have been able to make my contribution. So, my life story is a tribute to all the people that have helped me along on the way. To each one of you, I say, Thank you.

Pan Raja