Our Vision

Gift The HELP Process to
every person in every
nation and create a world
living in peace and ease

Our Journey

It started with a world-changing dream. Pan Raja, a seven-year-old boy in Africa had a day dream of people joining hands around the earth. This became a recurring dream and by the time he was twelve, it revealed a message for humanity – Help Each Other. This message became his mantra and helping others became his purpose in life.

One day, while meditating on a remote beach in his mid-twenties, Pan Raja realized that the inter-action of the three words, ‘Help-Each-Other’, was a process that works to create love, unity, synergy, harmony, and prosperity. He called it The HELP Process and had the vision to gift The HELP Process to every person in every nation.

So, he started to share The HELP Process and as word spread from person to person, he began to travel and teach far and wide. For over forty years Pan Raja took on all kinds of jobs to give HELP seminars and courses free of charge. This led to the creation of The HELP Consciousness and emergence of the My HELP Network movement.

In 2016, Angel San Miguel, Honourable Judge Victor Reyes, and Zephrina Cazaubon established My HELP Network Foundation, a non-profit charity based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. Since then, a core group of people who have taken on the challenge to continue diffusing The HELP Process to every person in every nation.

In 2020, we are beginning a new phase on our journey by launching the Pan Global HELP Education Program.

With your help, we can diffuse The HELP Process to many more people.

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Our Work

Educate people to help
each other and meet the
needs in their health,
home, family and work