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Millions of individuals want to help create a better world, but feel isolated and disconnected from other like-minded people. Well, our time has come!  My HELP Network connects people to help each other in their own community. When we help each other, we feel connected and together we work to create a better world.

We work together by practically helping each other where we are now.  Each one of us can be likened to cells in the body of humanity. So, by helping one another, wherever we are now, we help the whole of humanity.

We are one, working together.

Each man, woman and child who joins My HELP Network has a help-mate and they help each other. In this way every member is linked, with a connection to the whole network. My HELP Network is like an extended family of humanity joining hands across the earth.

Take Part

It is not by chance that you have come to know about My HELP Network.  It is your journey on the river of life that has brought you this opportunity – to get the help you need or to help others in need.

You can take part via the following channels.

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