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The HELP Process and The Pan Life Foundations are based on the Pan Life Teachings of Pan Raja.
The HELP Book – Pan Raja

The HELP Book is creating a new world. First, it helps people to meet their needs, reducing human suffering on a massive scale. Second, it shifts the human psyche from hunter to helper, promoting cooperation with each other and the earth. Third, it enables us to overcome every crisis and challenge, creating a world living in peace and ease.

When people help each other, the impossible becomes possible.

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ISBN: 978-0-9535120-5-8

The Message of HELP DVD – Pan Raja
“At the beginning of the 21st century came a messenger who spoke a simple truth and changed our world forever.” The Message of HELP DVD contains the core message of The HELP Consciousness. The Message of HELP shows us how we can help each other to create a wonderful new world.This DVD also contains a video of The HELP Process.

Duration 36 minutes

How To HELP Your Self – Pan Raja (Book/CD)
The most important skill young people need to learn is how to help them selves. Why?  The more you can help yourself, the more you are able to create with your own life and contribute to our world.How To HELP Your-Self shows young people how to help themselves by using The HELP Process. This is an introductory lesson given to young people of 14 to 18 years of age. It can be used as a fundamental study guide by teachers and students to develop their understanding and use of The HELP Process in daily life.

CD Duration 60 minutes

The Way of HELP DVD – Pan Raja
“In a world where fear and competition rules minds and motivation, comes a new way which moves forward from the herd.” The Way of HELP promotes cooperation between people in all aspects of human existence – at home, school and in the work place.The Way of HELP will enable and empower you and your people to move from competition to cooperation and accomplish seemingly impossible goals. This DVD also contains a rare interview with Pan Raja. Recorded live at the Hachland Hill Vineyard Corporate Retreat, Nashville, Tennessee USA.

Duration 73 minutes

World Changing Dream DVD – Pan Raja
A documentary of “An epoch-making journey of a boy from Africa, who had an amazing dream that became a message and vision for the whole of humanity.” An amazing story of one man’s quest to help humanity and heal our planet. If you liked the movies; “Field of dreams,” or “Pay it forward,” then you will love World Changing Dream. And where as these movies were a work of fiction, World Changing Dream is based on a real life story!

Duration 36 minutes


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The Power of HELP

The Power of HELP

“HELP – This word is one of the most commonly used in all languages. How often do you see, hear or use the word help every day? Go into any shop and the first words you will hear are “Can I help you?

One of the favourite programs on TV is the Oprah Winfrey Show. People love watching Oprah because her shows are about helping people. During one show Oprah interviewed Lisa Marie Presley, who said; “I am not happy unless I am helping people.” On another show, the actor John Travolta passionately remarked; “Unless I am doing my best to help, I don’t feel alive.

One of the most vivid images that came from Hurricane Katrina was that of two black young girls standing stranded on a roof top with a sign “Help Us.” Soon after hurricane Katrina, Oprah did a show on location in New Orleans. On that show Oprah said; “The most important thing right now is helping these families rebuild their lives”…

Help is a life giving word. Help is a life saving action.

Help! This simple word is central to human existence. It makes our lives easier, more creative, comfortable and prosperous. However, because the word ‘help’ is used so often that we have overlooked its amazing potential to save and transform lives.

Yet, if you add just two more words – ‘each other’, and make ‘Help Each Other’, the amazing power of help becomes active – alive with infinitive possibilities.

When people help each other, it brings forth love, hope, unity, charity, equality, humility, respect, kindness, peace, freedom, joy, happiness and so on. Helping each other is the simplest, most effective route for creating the most ideal conditions for human coexistence and promoting higher consciousness.

Helping each other is the ultimate spiritual action as it brings out all the qualities of being human, aspired to by all the religions of the world? Can any of the qualities aspired to by your faith become manifest without interactions of help?

The power of HELP EACH OTHER is that it isn’t a concept or religion, it’s an inter-action. Let us step outside the box and see what this simple message of help can and will do for humanity and our world.

A Way to Happiness

A Way to Happiness

Have you ever thought about what really makes you happy? I mean really happy? That deep down satisfied full to the brim and overflowing type of happiness?

Oh, I know it’s easy to get “excited” about new things; like a car or a home, the prospect of a new relationship, the thought of going on holiday, or making a lot of money. But I’m talking about the kind of happiness that stays with you when the lustre has worn off and the brilliant shine has turned to a dull “help me to break – through kind of glow.”

The goal or wish of every human being is to be happy. But what is happiness? There are two kinds of “happiness” – momentary happiness which arises from excitement and lasting happiness which comes from fulfillment.

However, most people make the grave error of confusing the thrill of excitement for happiness. Consequently, they spend their entire lives seeking the next ‘fix’ of excitement.

There is an old Chinese proverb that says:

“If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap, if you want happiness for a day, go fishing,if you want happiness for a month, get married, if you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune, but if you want happiness for a lifetime, help others.”

The paradox is, despite living in decadence, so many people in our society are unhappy and depressed, with suicides on the increase. If the cure for misery could be sold in a pill or a bottle, people would be queuing up to buy it. Little is known about the way to be happy arising naturally from doing something for someone else.

“Doing something for someone else lifts us up to a joyful, happy place” Try it today!

But helping others not only makes us happy, it also helps us in our journey to higher consciousness. We become conscious that everything we do either helps or harms others. We become aware that we are all connected and what we do to others we do to ourselves. That in helping others we find our way to oneness and happiness for a lifetime.

So, if you wish to find a lifetime of happiness, take the opportunity to help others.

Gift of Truth

Gift of Truth

Today more than ever before humanity needs spiritual guidance. This message from Pan Raja brings a radical new truth about universal truths.

We start by asking 2 simple questions:

1. Are there Universal Truths?

2. Are Universal Truths a gift for every person in every nation?

If the answer to both questions is yes, then all universal truths are a gift for you and me from the universe – God. All universal truths are a gift for you by divine right and you should not have to pay for or buy universal truths. Yet we have to buy universal truths from best selling authors, spiritual teachers and religious organisations.

Anyone who teaches universal truths is a courier from the universe sent to deliver a message.

The truth-teller knows that the truth is not to be sold. And, those who sell universal truths are knowingly or unknowingly stealing from the whole. But is that really true? Yes. Look at the lives of Krishna, Buddha, Confucius, Christ, Mohammed, Zoroaster and Guru Nanak they never sold the truth.

 “Universal truths are a gift to humanity from the universe.
Those who sell universal truths are knowingly or unknowingly stealing from the whole.”

So why do people sell the truth? People sell the truth because their ego is focused on survival. Their ego tells them that by selling the truth they will have the money and resources to live and share the truth with even more people. Others sell the truth, because they believe that if they give it away free, people will not value it. Or that it is their natural birthright to receive for what they give (or, shall we say, sell) to others. But all justification to sell the universal truth is false.

Why? Because the truth is God’s gift to humanity and a gift has to be given as a gift.

It is said that, “the truth shall set you free.” For the truth to set us free, it has to be given and received as a free gift. Imagine, how free humanity would be if all universal truths were given as a gift to everyone?

So how can you reclaim your gift of universal truths?

1. Affirm that it is your divine right to receive all universal truths as gifts.

2. Stop buying and paying for all products which contain universal truths.

A Global Solution

A Global Solution

As we enter the new millennium, humanity is in a crisis and the earth is on death row. The solution to overcome the crisis and all our challenges is very simple – Help Each Other. Let me explain.

Each one of you regardless of your life style is facing a unique set of challenges in your life right now. If you can overcome these challenges it will mean progress and prosperity, but if you can’t it results in frustration, and continuous struggle. But what is the secret of overcoming challenges? Give and receive help! Think about it. Whatever it is that you are trying to change or create, giving and receiving help is the only way to make it happen. How else?

Giving and receiving help is like breathing in and breathing out. But did you know, that most of us breathe at only one fifth of our capacity. In the same way, most of us are very limited in our capacity to give and receive help. And when we cannot give and receive help fully and freely we suffer!

Now some may say, “But we already give and receive help.” Yes but not enough. Why else are there so many people struggling and suffering in our world? When people are suffering they turn to hope. But hope is not a process that meets our needs. According to Tim Costello, the C.E.O. of World Vision, 1.3 billion people are living on a dollar a day and thirty thousand children die from poverty everyday. Over 200 million people are homeless; 120 million people die of starvation each year. Many more are suffering in other ways in every family and community around the world. But what can we do? What is the solution? How can we relieve so much suffering?


Although the suffering is complex and widespread, the solution is simple; Help Each Other.The real challenge is to develop our response-ability to help each other in our daily lives. The HELP Process is a practical process which actually increases our response-ability to give and receive help.

The applications of The HELP Process are vast and varied as it can be applied in every interaction and situation. In this way, The HELP Process enables and empowers us to give and receive help and mobilizes us to help each other on the personal and planetary levels.

On the personal level, if you see yourself as a seed on this earth, then all that you need to grow and prosper is all around you. However it is your inability to give and receive help that is keeping it out of our reach… But the truth is that everything you need is all around you. So what can you do? The way to get what you need is by increasing your capacity to give and receive help. But how do you do that?

Just as there are techniques in Yoga that improve your breathing, in the same way The HELP Process actually increases your capacity to give and receive help. And where as your capacity to breathe in and out is limited by the size of your lungs, there are no limits to how much help you can give and receive! Think of what you could create and contribute if your capacity to give and receive help increased by 10%, 30%, 70% or even 100%?

You see, The HELP Process is not only for the poor and destitute, but also for people in positions of power and responsibility. Why? Because whatever you wish to accomplish, you will need to give and receive help to make it happen. So the more you increase your capacity to give and receive help the more you will be able to accomplish. There are no limits to what you can accomplish if you can give and receive the help you need. Imagine what kind of a life you could create if you could get all the help you needed?

On the planetary level, although there is more than enough to meet the needs of every human being on this earth, billions of people are suffering right now. The truth is we have everything we need on this earth to provide for every human being. However, it is our inability to help each other, which stops us from giving and receiving food, housing, money, medicine, technology that results in suffering.

The HELP Process enables us to increase our capacity to give and receive help on the individual and collective levels. The more we are able to help each other, the more we can overcome hunger, homelessness, disease, illiteracy, suicide, unemployment and so on. Imagine what kind of a world we could create if each one of us increased our capacity to help each other.

“Helping each other is the way we will overcome every crisis and challenge on the personal and planetary level.”

The HELP Process is A Global Solution which is applied by helping each other where we are now. How does that work? By helping each other where you are now, every person in the world is helped, by creating a wonderful domino effect. This cause and effect principle is based on ‘chaos theory’ where each action causes ripple effects. It is known as the butterfly effect because, when a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of our planet, it has an effect on the other side of the earth.

One act of help on a local level has a profoundly positive effect on the global level. To help one human being means to help all human beings. In this way, one helper can help countless people in their generation and many generations to come. That is the power of a single helper that is YOU.

The HELP Process works to transform our world on the personal and planetary levels simultaneously. By applying The HELP Process in your life, you are participating in one of the biggest leaps our species has ever taken. At first, the human species will use The HELP Process to overcome the crisis on our planet, and then, we shall use it to create a new and wonderful world.

“When people help each other, the impossible becomes possible.”

At first it is easy to dismiss, even scoff at the idea that The HELP Process can offer a world-changing solution. However, as we look at the millions who are barely surviving, it’s a universal message for our age. Victor Hugo sums up its relevance; “Greater than the march of armies is an idea whose time has come.”

The HELP Process is both a solution and a signpost for humanity. Help each other – these three words are ‘signposts’ toward beauty and the higher aspects of love. They extol the virtues of peaceful co-existence with fellow human beings.