Unity of Humanity

Alone we can do so little;

together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

HELP Media

Our Vision: Motivate 120 million people to practice The HELP Consciousness and change the trajectory of human evolution from hunter to helper; competition to cooperation by one (1°) degree.

Our Resources: These highly accessible resources are a must for the study and practice of cooperation. When we help each other we create love, unity, equality, harmony and synergy, which empower and enable us to accomplish individual and collective goals.

“One good look at our species and the planet reveals that humanity is in a crisis, and the earth is on death row. The irony is, despite all our scientific, academic and spiritual knowledge; we have hunger, homelessness, armed conflict, environmental damage and a host of other man-made destruction. 

What is the cause of this crisis? Has our species made a mess of itself and the earth as part of our learning process, or have we deliberately set out to destroy ourselves? Is our species about to end its lifespan or enter into a new era of evolution?

If you look at the human species from an evolutionary perspective, humanity in its infancy has made a mess on this planet. The time has come to grow up – clean up the mess and begin the next phase of our evolutionary journey. Based on that evolutionary perspective, all of our problems can be seen and solved as a part of one crisis – the crisis in human evolution.

The crisis is evolution.
The solution is evolution.
The challenge is to help our species evolve.

Looking back at the origin of our species, it seems that we have been getting ready for some time to take a quantum leap in our evolution. Although we can draw on some knowledge from the past, the leap we are about to take is going to separate us from the animal kingdom once and for all. 

We are becoming a new species evolving beyond the fear and survival (hunter-hunted) mode to a consciousness of compassion and cooperation (helper-helped). We are reaching a critical mass in the number of individuals participating in a new wave of consciousness. 

In a world where fear and competition rules minds and motivation, The HELP Consciousness can transform the human psyche from hunter to helper and promote cooperation on all levels of human activity. Helping each other is going to be the touchstone that enables us to overcome our crisis and evolve into what I call Panhuman – whole human.”  

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