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Unity of Humanity
“Alone we can do so little,
together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

Mission: Change the trajectory of human evolution from hunter to helper; competition to cooperation by one (1°) degree.

We live in a world where fear and competition separate and isolate people. My HELP Network connects you to help each other. The moment we help each other, we feel loved – connected, and together we create a better life for ourselves and a better world for everyone.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
Helen Keller

Helping each other person-by-person in our daily interactions, works to promote progress and prosperity in every situation. In this way, each one of us can help each other where we are now, resulting in a transformation on the local and global level.

Our work is based on The HELP Process, which empowers and enables you to help yourself, each other, and community. By helping yourself and each other, you become free to take charge of your own lives and your own future. No one has any control over you.

My HELP Network is unique as you do not follow a leader, join an organization, or pay for membership. The wonderful thing about My HELP Network is that you can become active where you are now. You choose how YOU take part. A teenager in My HELP Network said; “If I help someone today, it will be a good day.”

Our business model is also unique as we offer all our seminars, products, and services on a “Pay What You Want” basis so everyone can receive The HELP Consciousness.

Our vision is to conduct a Pan Global HELP Education Program free of charge for every person in every nation and create a world living in love, peace and ease. But is that really possible? Yes!

When people help each other, the impossible becomes possible.

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