In a world where fear and competition rules minds and motivation, comes a new way  which moves forward from the herd.

HELP Training Program

We conduct a comprehensive HELP Training Program for every level of society – from the classroom to the boardroom. The HELP Training is conducted as a series of Seminars (S), Master Classes (MC), Workshops (W) and Motivational Talks (MT). Each of the following modules can be delivered individually or combined to create a training course to accomplish your objectives.

Discover the Power of HELP       S   MT
Every aspect of the human condition is sustained by the interaction of help. Yet the power of help is one of the least understood and used in our personal and professional lives.

HELP in the Workplace       S
The place of work is a launch pad for projecting your ideas and initiatives into the world. Cooperation between individuals generates the synergy – fuel to launch the most daring projects.

Giving and Receiving Help    S   MC
The notion of giving and receiving help seems obvious even simple. But you will be surprised how many organizations perform poorly or even fold because their leaders, managers and workers cannot or will not give or receive the help they need.

Building Helpful Relationships     S   MC
Many organizations are immobilized – paralyzed because of unhelpful relationships between people within and without the organization. Building networks of helpful relationships results in co-creative behavior which mobilizes all the resources needed to accomplish extraordinary objectives.

The Role of HELP in Teamwork     S   MC
The key activity in teamwork is individuals helping one another towards achieving a common goal. The greater the goal, the more dynamic each individual must be in helping others in the team. To develop such outstanding teamwork, every individual must first develop the skills of helping other members of the team.

Setting and Attaining Goals      S  MC
Attaining goals is a measure of success, but it does not measure the individual’s contribution in the helping process. By setting three types of goals, final, functional and facilitative, every individual can play an active role and be measured in the helping process of goal attainment.

Elements of The HELP Process™     MC  W  MT
HELP Training is based on the discovery of a unique process that governs the whole spectrum of help. Known as The HELP Process it actually increases the human capacity to give and receive help. Imagine what you and your people can create if you could increase your capacity to give and receive help by 10%, 30%, 50% or even 100%!

World Changing Dream      MT
This is a highly motivational talk given by Pan Raja, the pioneer of The HELP Process and The Founder of My HELP Network. Pan Raja uses real life experiences from his epoch-making journey to inspire and motivate people from all fields of human endeavor. This motivational talk is a life changing event for people of all ages and at all stages of evolution.

How to Help Your-Self     S   W
The most important skill young people need to learn is how to help themselves. Why? Because once they have learned the process of helping themselves, they have the confidence and know-how to overcome every challenge on the personal and professional level for life.

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