Our Mission: 

Educate people to help each other to meet the needs of their Health, Home, Family and Work.

Our People:

My HELP Network Foundation is managed by a team of highly competent people. Our members are chosen because of their commitment and passion for our work. We are a close-knit group working together to diffuse The HELP Consciousness to all people.

 Our Work: 

Our work is based on The HELP Consciousness, which is taught and practiced by people in every field to increase their capacity to help each other. There are three factors that make our work different from other teachings and techniques.

First, The HELP Consciousness teaches us to help each other so we can benefit not only ourselves but also others.

Second, our work is rooted in the understanding that universal truths are a gift for each one of us. Therefore, all our seminars and courses are given free of charge as gifts to the whole of humanity.

Third, we do not have a leader, master or spiritual guru. People need someone to believe in, and believing in someone else is a denial of our birthright. We bring the focus back to you, believing in yourself – your spirit.

Our Wish:

Our sincere wish is to have The HELP Consciousness available to every person in every nation. For that purpose, we conduct the HELP Education Program, which gives seminars and courses in all fields.

Over the past forty years, we have transformed the lives of countless people around the world. With your help, we can help many more people in the decades to come.

How can you help?

You can help via the following channels of participation:

A HELP Networker – HELP Project Coordinator – HELP Teacher – HELP Sponsor.

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